1. Choose a bot with the Change button at the top
  2. Click on the board to place a stone
  3. Click Play
  4. Goto 2
  • Changes — Fry is now stronger, and so is Bender. See The Bots below.
  • Mobile — This app works well on a phone or tablet. Big buttons for fat fingers. No need for a computer.
  • The Bots — Choose between Fry, Bender, Prof. Farnsworth, and Leela. Leela is unbeatable, and Farnsworth is very strong. You might want to try Fry or Bender. Details: Leela does 256 playouts, Farnsworth does 32 playouts. Bender does only one playout and thus simply plays whatever the network suggests. Fry also does only one, with randomness added to weaken him further.
  • What Would Leela Do — The Best button shows you the best move according to the AI. Due to the randomness in Leela, the best move could be different from Leela's choice before move 25.
  • Handicap — Click on the empty board to place a black stone, click Pass, repeat. Click Play once you have the desired number of handicap stones. The network goes crazy at four or more handicap stones. You want to stick to three or less.
  • Review — Load any sgf file, click First, then keep hitting Next. Look at the Emoji.
  • Analysis and Variations — Select Leela as the active bot. Click on the Back button to navigate to the position you want to analyze. Click Play repeatedly to see what Leela would do. The app will automatically start a variation.
    Click 'Back to Main Line' to get out of the variation.
    Press Ctrl-a to forget the game and keep the variation.
  • Opening — You do not have to start with the empty board. Put any opening you like on the board before clicking Play. You can also preload a game with the Load Sgf button and continue from any point.
  • Komi — White always gets 7.5 komi, even in handicap games.